Guide to Obtaining a PCO Licence for Uber

Are you interested in becoming an Uber driver in the UK? If so, you’ll need to obtain a PCO licence. A PCO licence is a requirement for all private hire drivers operating in London and some other parts of the country. It’s essential to have a PCO licence if you want to work for Uber … Read more

PCO Licence Application Form Download

Many people have been asking for the PCO licence application form, and many people would like to be able to download the form directly, but the PCO only gives out the forms when you apply for an application pack. This is to ensure that you have all the correct form and know what is required … Read more

Uber Approved Vehicles

If you’re in the private hire/taxi trade then you can’t have missed Uber and their innovative way of connecting passengers with drivers, and using smartphones to drive things forward. To work with Uber you will need to have a PCO licence and also have your own licensed vehicle too but don’t think you can do … Read more

Driving Jobs In London

Getting around is one of the necessities amongst human beings and this is the reason why there are cars, motorbikes, boats, and planes. We like traversing the land, sea and air and London is one of the best places in this world to try out all different types of transport, from the tube, river taxis, … Read more


Welcome to the new PCO Licence HQ website. We’re here to make the process of becoming a London minicab driver a lot easier and get you on the road to your new profession. We’ve got all the information here so if you want to find out how to apply then you’re in the right place. … Read more