Driving Jobs In London

Getting around is one of the necessities amongst human beings and this is the reason why there are cars, motorbikes, boats, and planes. We like traversing the land, sea and air and London is one of the best places in this world to try out all different types of transport, from the tube, river taxis, and then down to the good old taxis and minicabs. If you are looking for minicab jobs then you’ve come to the perfect place so read on.

black taxi cabIn London, there are these black cabs that are formally known as Hackney Carriage taxis. These types of cabs are extremely moderated as the amount of cabs limited by the neighborhood authorities. This is done by administering exams like the London topography knowledge exam, otherwise known as ‘The Knowledge’. On average, it takes three years to prepare and pass this exam. It is For that reason required that if you want a cab job, you should have been driving in London for quite some time. or else, forget about becoming a black cab driver.

Now let us look at the minicab or if you like, private hire drivers. Minicabs are normally middle class cars such as saloon, minivans and multipurpose cars. The licensed ones or legal ones usually have sticker labels on the windscreen and at the back window with the dates of the licence.

So now you have a minicab job and you are wondering how to get a licenses. The exact license that you need are called private hire drivers licenses or sometimes referred to as a PCO licence. This is very unique and is only issued by London Public Carriage Office and devoid of it; there is no minicab office that will consider employing you. For that reason, you should contact the Public Carriage Office (PCO). This you could do either in person at 15 Penton Street London N1 9PU or by phone and ask for an application pack. It takes no more than two weeks to arrive and when it does, fill it up. It also contains a section where a doctor will be required to fill it up for you.

Obviously, you are wondering about how much you can make when you have a minicab job. soon after you pay for your insurance and the office you work for, you can make between 250 and 500 pounds a week. This nevertheless, will only be achievable if you work for not less than 50 hrs a week. Minicab insurance in London can cost up to 2500 pounds a year for a complete comprehensive insurance coverage on a standard sedan. You will have to be associated with an office as a minicab driver. You have to use your wit in deciding which company best suits you as there are various pros and cons in choosing.