Equipment for your minicab

Obviously your car is the main piece of equipment you need as a private hire driver but there is a lot more equipment out there that will prove invaluable to your business driving a minicab.

As you progress in your career you’ll have many different customers and scenarios that will make you wish you had what we’ve listed below:

Sat Nav

Nearly everyone has one and so should you. Don’t go scrimping though and invest in something like a TomTom Go Live which as it has the Live Services feature which will estimate the best routes and provide alternative routes based on real time traffic reports. A 1 year subscription to the Live Service is included when you purchase the sat nav, and then costs only £47.50 per year which you’ll soon make up with savings in petrol and time to fit in more fares.

Sick Bags

This may not be such a technological option but they’re cheap, easy to store, and could save you the effort and discomfort of having a nasty mess in your cab. This could just be someone who is feeling under the weather or it could be a late night pick-up from the pub, so better safe than sorry for just a couple of quid.

Business Cards

You may have some cards provided by your operator and if you provide a good service and give your name then you can guarantee repeat bookings. If you’ve not got business cards or you work for yourself then consider getting some printed as they’re a great way to promote your business and you can pick up some cheap ones from VistaPrint.