Lost Licence

If you’ve lost your PCO licence then you must report it straight away as you need to have your licence on display in your minicab. It’s the thing that proves that you’re official, you’ve completed your training, and that you are a responsible and trusted private hire driver. Remove the licence from your cab and what divides you from the touts and illegal cabbies out there?

If you’ve lost it then get it replaced as soon as you can, as you can’t work without it. You may have misplaced it or damaged it but if for any reason you think it’s been stolen or you’ve lost it in a public place then you should contact the police and get a crime reference number.

The next step is to call 0343 222 4444 and explain that you’ve lost your licence. The operator on the end of the line will then guide you through the process of getting your replacement licence. It really is that simple.