PCO Car Hire

There are many companies out there who specialise in PCO licensed vehicle hire and this boom occurred due to changes in 2012 which required that private hire vehicles couldn’t be older than 5 years old before they were licensed. Once licensed then they can only be used until they are a maximum of 10 years old. This has been one of the main factors behind many drivers choosing to hire rather than purchase their minicabs.

We all know that cars are expensive to buy, to tax, to insure, to MOT, and to maintain so hiring can mean all that is taken care of and all you need to worry about is the petrol.

Pros of PCO car hire

When hire form a PCO vehicle hire company there are many benefits:

  • Use of a new vehicle which not only looks good but will also have better fuel economy and reliability.
  • Having a new car can make you more employable to certain PCO operators
  • No need to pay thousands for a car
  • Car already has the PCO Vehicle Licence
  • No MOT or Tax to pay
  • No need to pay for expensive repairs and maintenance
  • Some companies will also offer insurance packages too.

Cons of PCO car hire

There are a few negatives of car hire and it’s only right we mention them:

  • You won’t own the vehicle
  • If you have to insure the vehicle yourself then you probably won’t be able to get full comp insurance as you won’t own the vehicle.

How much does it cost?

Costs for rental will vary due to a variety of factors such as age of the car, make and model type, manual or automatic, etc but for a rough figure you can expect to pay around £150 a week without insurance and £240 per week with fully comp insurance.

What documents you will need to rent

Before deciding to rent it’s worth finding out directly from your chosen company if their are any specific documents they require but as a general rule you will need the following documents:

  • Full UK driving licence (both parts – paper and card)
  • Your PCO licence (paper and photocard)
  • Proof of address such as utility/bank statements (usually 2 issued within the last 3 months)
  • A cash deposit amount
  • A week/month rent in advance
  • Insurance cover note if they are not providing the insurance.
  • Details of the minicab company you will be working for