PCO Licence Application

Looking to become a licensed Private Hire Driver? Download the application pack now.

Once you’ve decided to apply for your PCO Licence / Minicab Licence the first thing to do is request an application pack which you can either download or get it posted to you which will take up to 10 days to be sent out but can sometimes take only a few days. Just call on 0343 222 4444 or email [email protected] or visit here and an application pack will be on its way to you shortly.

Once you downloed the application forms or they’ve dropped through your letterbox have a look and ensure that you have the following doucuments:

  • PCO Licence Application FormsIntroductory and guidance letter
  • An application form (PHV/203)
  • A medical form (TPH/204)
  • TMG CRB – Introductory Letter
  • Pre addressed envelope

It’s worth going through the application form in stages as some elements are reliant on others so follow our step-by-step guide to get you through the process.

Get a Medical

You must be medically fit and so you must take the Medical Declaration form (TPH/204) to a GP to ensure your health reached the standards required for a DVLA Group 2 licence.

Apply for your Criminal Record Check

All applicants need to apply for an enhanced criminal records check. This needs to be done before you complete your application as you will need to provide a DBS reference or disclosure number on the PHV/203 form in order to complete it.

Take the Topographical Test

A Topographical Skill Certificate must be submitted on application, so it’s important that you have taken, and passed, the test and show the following skills:

  • Map reading ability – how to use a map, index and grid reference
  • Route selection (local, intermediate & long distance) – you must be able to plan and select route within your local area, within London, and also from your local area to places outside London.
  • General topography – You must be aware of the major roads and places in London such as where airports are etc.

It’s worth buying a good quality London Street Map and an atlas of south-east England to help you pass the topographical test.

Complete the Application Form

PCO Licence Application FormIf you’ve completed all the above steps then you will be able to fill in the PHV/203 form in it’s entirety and you can send it off in the pre-addressed envelope. The Licensing Team will go through your application and the related documents and make their decision.

The form is very easy to complete so don’t worry about filling it in as easy section has guidance notes and shouldn’t cause you a problem.

How much does it all cost?

As you can see below you’ll be looking at a total cost of just under £400 to complete your application in total and that’s why it’s worth completing your application in stages as if you don’t pass the medical then it’s not worth you paying for the other stages.

  • Application Fee (non-refundable) – £150
  • Grant of Licence Fee – £100
  • CRB Application – £56.85 (online) / £58.85 (paper)
  • Medical – £60-£160
  • Topographical Test – £25-£90

Is there anything else I need?

When you send off for your application forms you will get a Private Hire Application Pack and this will go through anything else you need such as a passport photo etc, and go through all the points discussed on this page in more detail.

Whilst you’re waiting for the application pack to arrive have a look at the pdf of the pack below to give you more of an idea of what you need to fill in: